We are delighted to say that TravelLocal has partnered with Travelife, a renowned sustainability certification program within the travel industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting responsible and sustainable travel experiences worldwide.

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What is Travelife and why does it matter?

Travelife is a globally recognized certification scheme that encourages travel companies to operate in a more sustainable manner. It focuses on minimizing environmental impact, respecting local communities and cultures, and supporting the welfare of employees and local experts.

Here at TravelLocal we share all these values, and want to do all that we can to uphold and promote them. It’s a key step in making travel a force for good for all involved.

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The journey ahead

We are excited about the road ahead as we work towards full Travelife certification over the next two years. By partnering with Travelife, we are taking proactive steps towards making a positive impact on the destinations we offer, and to creating extraordinary travel experiences that leave lasting benefits for local communities.

Together with Travelife, we are shaping the future of travel to be more responsible, sustainable, and impactful.


Let's reimagine travel, together

Sustainability and ethics in travel is complex and there are often no easy solutions, but we are committed to learning and improving in collaboration with our local partners and you, our customers, to offer you the best possible travel experience.

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