Certified B-Corporation

What is a B Corporation?

B Corporations are businesses across the world that are certified to have met the highest standards of social and environmental performance, legal accountability, and transparency by allowing information about their performance to be made publicly available. A B Corp is a for-profit organisation that has been certified by B Lab, the not-for-profit business behind the B Corp movement.

How we achieved our certification

Certification is achieved and maintained through a rigorous process. Before receiving our overall score of 91.5, we were first required to complete a B Impact Assessment (BIA), which included more than 200 questions focused on governance, workers, environment, community, and customer relations. This thorough process helped us understand where rhetoric needed to be matched by action, and highlighted some of the great things we were doing, but not talking about. B Corps are required to recertify every three years, encouraging continuous improvement and long-term resiliency.

Learn more about our B Impact Score

Let's reimagine travel, together

Sustainability and ethics in travel is complex and there are often no easy solutions, but we are committed to learning and improving in collaboration with our local partners and you, our customers, to offer you the best possible travel experience.

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