Our climate commitment

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50% emissions reduction by 2030 and Net Zero by 2050

We are proud to be launch signatories of the The Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, which launched at COP26 in November 2021.

At TravelLocal, our purpose has always been to connect people to reimagine travel, building positive relationships with the environment, ecosystems and local communities that we travel to.

What is The Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism?

“The Glasgow Declaration is a catalyst for increased urgency about the need to accelerate climate action in tourism and to secure strong actions and commitment to support the global goals to halve emissions over the next decade and reach Net Zero emissions as soon as possible before 2050.

We have long known that our dependence on fossil fuels, unsustainable land use, and wasteful consumption patterns drive climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. Recently, COVID-19 has deepened our awareness of the connection between these impacts and risks to human health.

Rebalancing our relationship with nature is critical to regenerating both its ecological health and our personal, social and economic well-being. It is also critical for tourism, which relies on and connects us with flourishing ecosystems. Restoring nature – and our relationship with it – will be key to our sector’s recovery from the pandemic, as well as its future prosperity and resilience.”

The Glasgow Declaration, 2021

Why is TravelLocal getting involved?

These challenges aren’t things we can solve on our own. This is our opportunity to work collaboratively with others in tourism to build a sustainable industry that can be enjoyed by many future generations.

What next?

Our Sustainability & Ethics team meet every week to work on meeting this challenge through research, planning and action. We’re busy updating and implementing our climate action plans and will continue to report publicly on our progress.

More about the Glasgow Declaration

We don't have all the answers

We always have our ethos in mind in everything we do, but we are not perfect either. We will undoubtedly make mistakes of choice, or omission, and we need your help to avoid making those mistakes, or correcting them when we do. If you find something on our website, or in your itinerary, that feels outside of our ethos please bring it to our attention straight away (email us at sustainability@travellocal.com). Over the last decade our customers have been enormously helpful in shaping our ethos and spotting where we have got something wrong.


Let's reimagine travel, together

Sustainability and ethics in travel is complex and there are often no easy solutions, but we are committed to learning and improving in collaboration with our local partners and you, our customers, to offer you the best possible travel experience.

If you have any topics or questions you’d like to raise, please get in touch: